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"This book is brilliant. I am going to go out on a limb and say that this the single best book on the global warming hoax…It’s THE best that I have ever read… This is an incredible book, it is easy to read, it’s entertaining, it’s filled with graphs and charts… it’s a wonderful book" -- Ken Matthews

Beautifully illustrated, wonderfully written and very readable. A must have for those wanting the facts on one of the most compelling and misunderstood topics of our time. 

“entertaining, easy-to-read, elegantly-written, meticulously-researched, well-documented and illustrated… …Gregory Wrightstone presents a clear picture of the climate alarmism” --- Jerry Shenk, American Thinker 11/16/17

"I have not been blown away by a book like I have by this one for years...   

Your  writing is incredible, It is very much on a level that almost anybody  can absorb, and I’ll tell you that the other thing that blew me away  were the charts."

                                                               -- RJ Harris WHP

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