Polar Bears are Doing Just Fine


 The most recent population studies indicate that polar bear populations are rising and are at a 50-year high. 

Global Warming Saves Lives


In this video, we shall provide you with historical records that reveal that 15 to 20 times as many deaths are linked cold than to heat. 

Climate Change is Greening the Earth


  The fact that the Earth is thriving, prospering and greening may be the most significant of all the inconvenient climate facts that we are exploring in this video series. 

Unusual or Unprecedented Warming?


A review of temperature history dating back to the end of the last ice age reveal that our current temps are neither unusual nor unprecedented. 

Forest Fires are Declining



In this video, we will examine what the science tells us about these damaging events and find that it is not quite as you are being told on the nightly news. 

Witch Hunts Driven by Global Cooling


Who knew that 20,000 to 30,000 supposed weather-causing witches were killed for causing crop failure, when it was really the cold of the LIitle Ice Age!!

Retreating glaciers & rising sea-level began long before CO2 additions



Glacial retreat and sea-level rise show that our modern warming trend began before CO2 was added to the atmosphere  in the mid-20th century.

Famine: The Best Solution is Rising Temperature & Increasing CO2


Rising  temperature is leading to increased length of growing seasons and more plantings. Increasing CO2 is fueling crop growth via increased CO2 fertilization. 

The primary greenhouse gas is not CO2, but water vapor


The EPA and National Geographic report that the primary greenhouse warming gas is carbon dioxide. The inconvenient fact is that water vapor rules greenhouse warming.

> Carbon Dioxide = > Soil Moisture


Increased CO2 leads to a decrease in water loss via transpiration due to smaller pore sizes.

Greg is confronted in St. Louis


While speaking in St. Louis, author Gregory Wrightstone was interrupted by Antifa protestors before police intervene.

Is CO2 too High or too Low? (Part 1)



Is CO2 too High or too Low? (Part 2)



Webinar for OU (53 minutes)


Gregory Wrightstone presented an in-depth review of the many facts about climate change that are rarely revealed. 

UN report debunked


Wrightstone exposes the deeply flawed science behind a recent report claiming a looming extinction crisis is at hand