Interviews & Presentations

Glenn Beck 2/13/19


Glenn Beck speaks w/ Gregory in a wide-ranging interview from forest fires to polar bears. A must see for you. 

2019 PA Leadership Conference


Gregory Wrightstone discusses Apple censorship & climate change proposals for Cap & Trade

The Blaze - Pat Gray 2/13/19


One of Wrightstone's hardest hitting interviews by one of the best in the business.   

CBN Gary Lane 5/6/18


Gary Lane of the Christian Broadcasting Network interviews Greg about the many benefits of our changing climate

Laura Ingraham 3/13/19


 Laura fired a lightening round of questions concerning some of the top climate myths to Greg for his opinion.

Tucker Carlson w/ Brian Kilmeade


Brian Kilmeade of Fox News sits in for Tucker Carlson and interviews Gregory Wrightstone concerning climate change. 

Jason Hartman - Holistic Survival


 A fascinating interview concerning concerning many facets of climate change and its effects on mankind.  

Liz Wheeler - OAN News 3/13/19

OAN News interviews Gregory Wrightstone concerning Apple apparent censorship of smartphone app.

Tipping Point host Liz Wheeler & Greg discuss apparent censorship of the Inconvenient Facts smartphone app by Apple.

Webinar to Univ of Oklahoma


This hour -long seminar to the University of Oklahoma's Energy Law class explores the many rarely exposed climate facts. 

The Blaze - Pat Gray 4/4/2019

Gregory Wrightstone is interviewed by Pat Gray on the Blaze TV concerning climate change.

Greg and Pat discuss the censorship by Apple, Green New Deal, AOC and assorted climate craziness

Patriots Soapbox 4/10/19


Greg dives deep into climate change facts and fallacies in a 2 hour interview

PA Leadership Conf 2018


Gregory Wrightstone presents the cold, hard  facts  about global warming and its effects