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#1 best selling climate realist book

Writing in plain English and providing easily understood charts and  figures, Gregory Wrightstone presents the science to assess the basis of  the supposed man-made Thermageddon. 

The book's 60 ''inconvenient  facts'' come from government sources, peer-reviewed literature or  scholarly works, set forth in a way that is lucid and entertaining. The  information likely will challenge your current understanding of many  apocalyptic predictions about our ever dynamic climate. 

You will  learn that the planet is improving, not in spite of increasing CO2 and  rising temperature, but because of it. The very framework of the  climate-catastrophe argument will be confronted with scientific fact.  Arm yourself with the truth.

Gregory Wrightstone

Gregory Wrightstone is a geologist and author of the bestselling book, Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know. Greg is a popular guest with many of the top radio & TV platforms across the nation including Fox News, NewsMax TV and The Blaze. 

Among his many qualifications, including advanced degrees in geology, he was recently added as an Expert Reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (AR6).

As a strong proponent of the scientific process, Gregory is a leading voice in the large and growing climate change skeptic community. He believes that we should use all the Earth’s resources for the betterment of mankind, while doing it as good stewards.