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Fox & Friends (Hegseth) Interview 9/4/17

HEGSETH: “Well, it didn’t take long for  climate alarmists to blame Hurricane Harvey on your SUV and climate  change.... ‘  But is it really true that climate change makes hurricanes worse? Here  to get to the bottom of this geologic — is geological consultant and  author of ‘Inconvenient Facts,’ Gregory Wrightstone. Gregory, thanks for  being here. If you would, right out the gates, is global climate change  to blame for Hurricane Harvey?” 

WRIGHTSTONE: “It is not. And in  fact, the science facts and data show just the opposite; that we see  that long and short-term data of hurricane frequency has actually been  dropping, not increasing.... See the clip here

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RJ Harris WHP 1/13/2018

Selected excerpts from RJ Harris’ interview on 10/17/17comments:   

I have not been blown away by a book like I have by this one for years... If you are one of those people who are really convinced that there is man-made global warming, I ask you to open your mind and take a look at this book, really take a close look at this book because there is stuff in there that you are not aware of.    

Your writing is incredible, It is very much on a level that almost anybody can absorb, and I’ll tell you that the other thing that blew me away were the charts. Because all the proof is right there, I mean every word that you have is backed up with scientific evidence. 

I am blown away by this book. And I invite those that are skeptical of these facts to buy the book. Because I will tell you this, at the end of it, I don’t know how you could look anyone in the face and say that this is a bunch of nonsense because it is fact-filled and facts come from sources like NASA and NOAA and more, it is very impressive.